Karen Bermel LIMHP, MC

Effective (and Ineffective) Ways to Manage Stress

Mental Health, Wellness

Any Seinfeld fans out there? Do you remember George’s dad and the “serenity now” episode? George’s dad would shout that statement throughout the episode, as if that would give him peace and manage any and all stress for him RIGHT NOW. Of course it didn’t work, and it was pretty funny to watch this man yelling, perhaps begging, for peace, calm, and serenity …. NOW. Earlier this week someone was asking about quick and simple ways to manage stress – things that didn’t take too long to work or cost too much. It’s no secret to any of us that daily life can be filled with stress. A day can turn on a dime, and become chaotic, overwhelming, and anything … Continue reading

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Robin Duhon, RD, LMNNT

How to Sneak Veggies into your Spring Smoothie

Nutrition, Wellness

Spring is here and fresh fruits and vegetables will soon be in full harvest. If you enjoy smoothies, now is the perfect time to gather your favorite fresh ingredients.  If you are interested in boosting the nutritional value of your smoothie by adding some vegetables but you are scared of how it will taste, try the following tips: Add the vegetables in very small amounts and only one at a time. Remember, your taste buds are constantly changing so you can develop a taste for something that you may have once thought was too bitter or strong. Use sweeter fruits, such as apples, pears, cherries or bananas to balance the strong flavor of green vegetables. Carrots, celery, and avocado have … Continue reading

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Julie Wagner, MS, RD, LMNT, CNSC

Should You be Concerned about Arsenic in Rice?

Nutrition, Wellness

As a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) dietitian, I first learned about the concerns with arsenic contaminated rice a year or two ago when I first saw information comparing the arsenic levels in several brands of infant rice cereal. The data I saw back then was new and the topic seemed in need of additional study, but to me this was one more reason to recommend alternative first foods for infants, such as baby oatmeal and vegetable purees. Since then, more research has been done on the arsenic content of rice, and more guidelines have started to emerge. What is Arsenic? Arsenic is a chemical element that is found in many environmental sources, including soil, plants, animals, air and water. … Continue reading

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Grant Hewitt

Is Obesity Reversible?

Weight Management, Wellness

Last month The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, a respected medical journal, published “Treating obesity seriously: when recommendations for lifestyle change confront biological adaptations.” This article advises how to “seriously” treat obesity. Because this article may unwittingly provide support for a defeated and discouraged attitude towards losing weight, I decided to weigh in. From my experience, obese patients are all-too-quick to conclude “There’s nothing I can do about being obese”  or give up with an “I can’t help it” attitude.  Medical journals should not be used to support such gloomy and false ideas.  To avoid this, let’s clarify some statements made, “…improved lifestyle choices might be sufficient for lasting reductions in bodyweight prior to sustained obesity. Once obesity is established, however, bodyweight seems to … Continue reading

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Robin Duhon, RD, LMNNT

Don’t Neglect Breakfast: Quick Hot Breakfast Ideas

Nutrition, Wellness

The month of February is filled with occasions associated with food. There’s dinner and chocolates for Valentine’s Day, heart healthy cooking for American Heart Month and splurging on snack food and wings for the Super Bowl. But many people do not know that February is also National Hot Breakfast Month. Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because starting out on a full stomach helps you to focus and perform well the entire day. Hot breakfast month encourages everyone to eat a more balanced and fulfilling meal. Here are some quick combinations for a healthy hot breakfast for people who are on-the-go: Whole grain waffles topped with fresh fruit or peanut butter. Whole grain toast, … Continue reading

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