Grant Hewitt

Is Obesity Reversible?

Weight Management, Wellness

Last month The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, a respected medical journal, published “Treating obesity seriously: when recommendations for lifestyle change confront biological adaptations.” This article advises how to “seriously” treat obesity. Because this article may unwittingly provide support for a defeated and discouraged attitude towards losing weight, I decided to weigh in. From my experience, obese patients are all-too-quick to conclude “There’s nothing I can do about being obese”  or give up with an “I can’t help it” attitude.  Medical journals should not be used to support such gloomy and false ideas.  To avoid this, let’s clarify some statements made, “…improved lifestyle choices might be sufficient for lasting reductions in bodyweight prior to sustained obesity. Once obesity is established, however, bodyweight seems to … Continue reading

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Robin Duhon, RD, LMNNT

Don’t Neglect Breakfast: Quick Hot Breakfast Ideas

Nutrition, Wellness

The month of February is filled with occasions associated with food. There’s dinner and chocolates for Valentine’s Day, heart healthy cooking for American Heart Month and splurging on snack food and wings for the Super Bowl. But many people do not know that February is also National Hot Breakfast Month. Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because starting out on a full stomach helps you to focus and perform well the entire day. Hot breakfast month encourages everyone to eat a more balanced and fulfilling meal. Here are some quick combinations for a healthy hot breakfast for people who are on-the-go: Whole grain waffles topped with fresh fruit or peanut butter. Whole grain toast, … Continue reading

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Mary Stuhr RD, LD, CDE

Dried Beans – the Humble “Super Food”

Nutrition, Wellness

Beans deserve a bigger place in our diets. Many countries have high intake of beans. In eastern and southern Africa the annual per capita consumption of beans is 110 pounds. In the U.S.A, it is a mere 7.2 pounds. Beans are a “super food” because of the many benefits from consuming them: Lowering risk of colon cancer Reducing blood cholesterol, as well as LDL or “bad cholesterol,” a leading cause of heart disease Lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes Improving diabetes control for existing type 1 and 2 diabetics Strengthening the immune system Using a variety of beans including those rich in color such as red kidney beans, pinto beans and black beans is one strategy to increase antioxidant content of diet. … Continue reading

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CHI Health Food and Nutrition Services

Healthier Superbowl Snacks

Nutrition, Wellness

Sporting events tend to mean sitting around watching the game while eating a lot of food – which can add up to a lot of extra calories.  At this year’s Superbowl, how about making some undercover recipe swaps for healthier Superbowl snacks? These recipes will fool even the pickiest eaters, so the only person who needs to know that the food is healthier is you! Turkey Sliders           Ingredients: 1 lb ground turkey breast ¼ tsp black pepper ½ tsp garlic powder ¼ tsp salt ¼ cup reduced fat mayonnaise ¼ tsp black pepper 2 tbsp relish (sweet or dill) 12 dinner rolls 6 leafs of lettuce 6 slices of Swiss cheese Directions: In a large bowl, … Continue reading

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Liz Foxhoven MA, RD, LMNT

Good Mood Foods

Mental Health, Nutrition, Wellness

Our bodies are a chemical factory. We use our foods to build muscle, fuel growth and movement, heal damaged cells, fight infection, and much more. So it only stands to reason, the foods we eat can influence how we feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. As the computer term GIGO stands for “Garbage in…Garbage Out”. Have a chef salad for lunch feel one way, have a Big Mac and large fries, feel another way. Manage Your Diet, Manage Your Moods: Eat regularly: 3 meals per day or 6 small meals per day. Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast! Eat a Well Balanced Diet: Refer to Choose My Plate Consume caffeine and alcohol in moderation if at all! Downer: Sugar and Simple Carbohydrates. Junk foods earn their reputation. … Continue reading

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