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Mary Stuhr RD, LD, CDE

Dried Beans – the Humble “Super Food”

Nutrition, Wellness

Beans deserve a bigger place in our diets. Many countries have high intake of beans. In eastern and southern Africa the annual per capita consumption of beans is 110 pounds. In the U.S.A, it is a mere 7.2 pounds. Beans are a “super food” because of the many benefits from consuming them: Lowering risk of colon cancer Reducing blood cholesterol, as well as LDL or “bad cholesterol,” a leading cause of heart disease Lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes Improving diabetes control for existing type 1 and 2 diabetics Strengthening the immune system Using a variety of beans including those rich in color such as red kidney beans, pinto beans and black beans is one strategy to increase antioxidant content of diet. … Continue reading

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Liz Foxhoven MA, RD, LMNT

Good Mood Foods

Mental Health, Nutrition, Wellness

Our bodies are a chemical factory. We use our foods to build muscle, fuel growth and movement, heal damaged cells, fight infection, and much more. So it only stands to reason, the foods we eat can influence how we feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. As the computer term GIGO stands for “Garbage in…Garbage Out”. Have a chef salad for lunch feel one way, have a Big Mac and large fries, feel another way. Manage Your Diet, Manage Your Moods: Eat regularly: 3 meals per day or 6 small meals per day. Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast! Eat a Well Balanced Diet: Refer to Choose My Plate Consume caffeine and alcohol in moderation if at all! Downer: Sugar and Simple Carbohydrates. Junk foods earn their reputation. … Continue reading

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Toni Kuehneman

How Do I … ?


A participant in one of my recent community presentations asked questions about cutting and preparing certain foods. I wondered if other folks had the same concerns. How do you cut an avocado? Or a pineapple? Coming to the rescue is the national organization for Registered Dietitians, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The organization recently completed a series of “How do I” videos. The YouTube videos are less than a minute in length and cover about twenty food items. Since it is more economical to buy fresh, whole produce, you can save money by doing the prep work yourself. money. My hope is, that by watching these videos, you will increase your fruit and vegetable choices, and select more variety … Continue reading

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Grant Hewitt

HMR Training

Weight Management

At the end of February, a coworker and I attended another annual national training for Health Management Resources (HMR) – the organization which our weight loss clinic has enthusiastically partnered with for the last eight years. The training just happened to be in Orlando, Fla.. If you’re not familiar with HMR, they are the clear nationwide leader in providing high-quality, medically monitored weight loss programs – which is the reason Alegent Creighton Health continues to work with them. For those of you who didn’t have the privilege of joining me for the HMR training in sunny Orlando, I wanted to mention just a few things from it. I heard many solid health and weight loss experts speak on a variety … Continue reading

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Beth Hersh, RD, LMNT

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Weight Management

Have you ever thought that food could be good, bad, or ugly? I frequently hear from my patients that they were “bad” or “good” because they ate a certain food. Somehow, we’ve equated our self-worth with what we eat. If we eat foods that aren’t “allowed” on our diet, then we are bad, bad, bad! And since we’ve eaten the “bad” food then there is no point in continuing to eat the “good” food, and now we feel “ugly” about ourselves and stop following the diet.  One way to change this mindset is to look at food more objectively. What is the nutritional worth of this food? Is this food going to provide the nutrition I need to get through … Continue reading

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