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A Caring Touch That Means So Much

December 1, 2009
CHI Health


A Caring Touch That Means So Much

A great health care experience involves so much more than just cutting-edge techniques and the latest medicine – it’s an overall attitude. Lakeside Hospital’s Radiology staff lives that attitude and treats patients as they would want to be treated.

During a routine CT scan, doctors discovered that my mother had a thyroid nodule. Since the nodule is quite large, she requires periodic ultrasounds and needle biopsies to ensure that the nodule has not grown and no cancer cells are present. Although ultrasounds and biopsies are not a big deal for most people, my mother suffers from positional vertigo and the condition prohibits her from being flat on the table during the procedure. Whenever she needs a biopsy, she worries herself sick that she’ll inconvenience the staff due to her vertigo.

In August, I accompanied my mother to Lakeside Hospital for her needle biopsy. I went back to the room with her and spoke with both a male and female nurse about her situation. They were extremely understanding and did what they could to make her comfortable during the procedure. I then left the room and went back to the waiting area.

About 30 minutes later, my mother walked out to the lobby with assistance from a darling young nurse who was smiling and telling her how great she had done during the procedure. The nurse even commented to me that we could now go and get the pedicure that I had promised my mother after a successful biopsy.

While walking to the car, my mother told me that one nurse held her steady while the other held her hand while on the table. She was so thrilled with the experience that she will only go to Lakeside for any future procedures.

I’ve often wanted to thank the staff personally for the caring and compassion shown to my 81-year-old mother – and this is my chance…

Thank you Alegent Health for providing so much more than medical care. You provided a caring touch that won’t soon be forgotten. If other medical needs arise, my mother and I will know exactly where to go to receive the best care in the area.
– Michelle

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