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A Hospital is a Hospital is a Hospital … Right?

June 22, 2010
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A Hospital is a Hospital is a Hospital … Right?

Looking for the highest quality health system in Nebraska? Though we don’t typically toot our own horn – a national study says you don’t have to look any further than right here at Alegent Health!

The Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals® program just announced that we are among the best-performing health systems in the country when it comes to quality and efficiency. The study analyzed the care that patients received at 255 health systems.

  • How well did each hospital follow treatment standards?
  • How many lives were saved at each hospital?
  • How many errors did employees make?
  • How satisfied were patients with their care?

After crunching all of the numbers, Alegent Health was the only Nebraska health system included among the list of top performers (the top 20%, or 51, health systems in the study). As for Iowa, we do have some company at the top – both Iowa Health Systems and Genesis Health are also included among the highest performers.

Why should you care?

As a patient, you might be wondering what this really means for you. A hospital is a hospital is a hospital, right?

Unfortunately, all hospitals and health systems really aren’t equal. This study shows that while Alegent Health and the other top-performing systems cared for sicker and poorer patients, we actually had 16% fewer mortalities, saw 18% fewer complications, made 16% fewer errors and, in the end, discharged patients nearly a day sooner – and significantly more satisfied – than the lowest performers in the study.

Those certainly seem like several reasons to care, don’t they?

Now what?

It’s true – we’re taking a little time this week to pat our staff on the back for everything they did to make this possible. They work hard and give everything they have to make sure each and every person who comes through our doors is well taken care of. But, according to Alegent Health President and CEO Rick Hachten, we can always do better. So stay tuned for next year’s study – who knows, you may even see us in the Top 10!

Researchers from the Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals program have analyzed and reported on the performance of individual hospitals since 1993. This study is its second to assess the relative quality and efficiency of inpatient care by health systems. Click here to read more about this study.


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