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A lot to be thankful for

December 6, 2011
CHI Health


A lot to be thankful for

As we approach the first Thanksgiving since 4 members of my family began the HMR journey, I want to thank the health educators at Alegent HMR in Omaha. My wife and I started last February. Our adult son started a week later. Our adult daughter started in August.

Everyone is in Phase 2 now and we’re all doing well. The three who started in February are all at (or below) their goal weights. Daughter is well on her way.

The basic HMR program, together with outstanding guidance by Alegent staff, are the reasons why at least this person intends on being around to enjoy two young grandchildren for many, many years. Thanks Tim and Grant! I’m not mentioning names of other Alegent staff because they weren’t my educators. I know my son and daughter have had excellent guidance from their educators as well.

– Steve P.

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  1. Mikel

    I feel so much happier now I unneastrdd all this. Thanks!

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