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Above and Beyond

January 6, 2010
CHI Health


Above and Beyond

My daughter was scheduled to get her cast removed on Wednesday, Dec 9, the day after the snowstorm.  I called the office early, because her appt was at 9:00 a.m.  The on-call service stated that they had not heard of the office being closed.  So my husband and I drove to the GIKK office located at Lakeside.  When we got there, the office was still closed.  We waited a little bit, then I called the service again and had the on-call physician paged. Shortly afterward, a physician came out around from the back of the office.  Some of the physicians were already in the office and had not realized that the front desk staff was not present.  He took us around back and began to remove the cast. Her physician, Dr. Inda, showed up while he was removing the cast.  She was in need of a cam walker, but Lifestyles was not yet open.  Dr. Inda arranged with one of the Lifestyles employees to have the walker delivered to our house later that day. All of this personalized care and attention made my 14 year old daughter very happy because she was scared to remain on crutches in the snow and ice.

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