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Angel in a White Coat

January 26, 2012
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Angel in a White Coat

Manju Hapke M.B.B.S. - Alegent Health Clinic
Manju Hapke,M.B.B.S. Alegent Health Clinic

Dr. Hapke is my angel!  I started going to her a good 10-11 years ago.  I found her after I had gotten my hysterectomy from a male doctor that just didn’t get women.  She made me feel very comfortable from the very start.  She has always taken the time needed with each and every appointment I made.  She has never made me feel like it was rushed or that she was too busy and had the next patient to tend to. 

The turning point in my life was the day that I had an appointment because I was dealing with depression due to many life situations but especially a very mentally and emotionally abusive marriage.  My son was in Iraq, which is our only child due to me miscarrying one and losing a set of twins that died, and I was desperately trying to just make it through each day.  I was sitting on the table and she walked in and without even asking me what was wrong she said “you are depressed and I will help you.”  Up to that time people were just telling me to just deal with life.  She put me on antidepressants which made all the difference in the world.  I was able to at least get out of bed, go to work and make it through each and every day.  She closely monitored me and helped me deal with my life, my son that ended up being wounded which God spared his life by 1cm.  She understood what I was going through.  I had gotten so low in my depression that she even gave me her personal cell phone number so that way I would call her if I felt like harming myself. 

With each visit she would touch my spirit along with my body.  She cares so much about the whole me that she always made sure that I was in a good stable place at home and personally.  She would visit with me about my weight problem that I had and encouraged me by giving me ideas how to work with it and how to eat.  She is the only doctor that did berate me because I was fat.  She knew that I hated who I was and what I looked like because of it. 

With each visit when things physically would come up she would treat me with a direct and most effective way needed whether it was go to another physician or professional.  Her ego is never bigger than her desire to treat me as a valued person. 

This past year was a very rough year personally.  I had issues where there was a concern of maybe cancer or something that just couldn’t be figured out right away. She made sure I went to the right professionals to get the he tests that I needed which ended up being many checkups.  Everything came out alright thanks to her going beyond just caring for me within her office. 

This past year I had a bout with depression, which led me to admit myself into a hospital to get the help I needed.  Through the whole time her caring voice kept telling me that I had value and that I deserved to be happy.  The very next morning I had gotten a message that she had called telling them to tell me that “I was in a good place to get the help I needed.”  That so totally blew me away that she would even care enough to take the time to call me.  It did help and I was able to get back on track.  I love her so much for what she has done for me that I just couldn’t do that. 

Your dignity is intact when you walk out her office regardless of the exam or consultation.  She has been with me emotionally though my major back surgery this past year as well.  She celebrates when I share good things with her.  I know that she is just a human that has been called to do wonderful things but to me she is an angel.

I know whatever my life brings with it is possible because of this precious person that cared enough for me those years ago. She has cared for me with the knowledge of a great physician, the tenderness of the amazing woman she is and an understanding heart that genuinely cares for others.  The number of people that she has touched is thousands.  There is a saying about people come and go into your life but only special ones touch you forever, Dr. Hapke is absolutely one of those people.  God is the “Great Physician” but she is the skin on person God sent me to take care of me here on earth. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Hapke. 

– April

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