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Angels in the Wings

February 11, 2011
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Angels in the Wings

In August 2010, my husband was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma. Up until the moment we were in the doctor’s office and heard those words (“you have cancer”), we were a thriving, normal family of two.  We were hard working and planning for our retirement.  We had plans of moving to the country and enjoying what was left of our lives. But then our lives took a different turn.

I know there are angels who walk among us.  In fact, we met quite a few when our two grandchildren had transplants, but once again our lives took a detour and I have to say it was a hard left turn for us. That is when we met the nurses at the Immanuel Cancer Center. They are true angels and are very caring towards my husband during his treatment.

Without our nurse navigators, we would be lost. Stacy, our nurse navigator gave me hugs a lot and was very compassionate to our needs. Thank you, Stacy. And Jennifer, thank you to you for stepping in for Stacy while she was vacationing. Thank you also to all of the oncology doctors and to Cecilia, PA for keeping us smiling and hopeful. Thank you to all of you for what you have done for us – you know who you are!

We made it this far! Manny is in remission and thanks to all of you for going beyond the call of duty.

Manny & Belinda Mello

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