Blood Pressure Screenings at the Golf Expo

February 9, 2010

Blood Pressure Screenings at the Golf Expo

 I wanted to report of the success of the 1st Annual Nebraska Golf Expo last weekend at the Qwest Center. I had the opportunity to check peoples’ blood pressure and was surprised at the results.

Two of the people I checked were walking around with dangerously elevated blood pressure. They did not have a primary care provider. They had no idea that their blood pressure was so high. They were unaware of the danger. Fortunately, we had two connections to the Internet. I was able to quickly pull up my blog post showing the 20/10 rule. If you’re not familiar with the rule, it states that for every 20 over 10 point increase in blood pressure, your risk of dying from heart disease doubles.

The golf fans wanted to talk about blood-pressure management and how to find a physician. Because it was my job was to raise awareness, I felt that the cool “Find a Doctor” page on CHIhealth.com would be very helpful in narrowing down the options. Not surprisingly, it was. In fact, I was able to give a recommendation when one gentleman had narrowed down his options to two. I also let these people know that if the primary physician had any difficulty, CHI Health Nephrology would be right there to help.

The event was not all work. I ran into my good friend Dr. Arman Pajnigar, MD We talked about golf, and then he gave me some feedback regarding my Physician Communication blog post. We were able to come up with a great plan to help one of his patients.

So the next time you see a booth raffling off prizes, and health providers taking blood pressures, consider getting yours checked. We’re much better than those automated machines, and can give you guidance. I’m looking forward to the next event!

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