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Christmas Blessings

January 21, 2010
CHI Health


Christmas Blessings

On December 23rd, my father-in-law Roger Gorham, was admitted to Bergan Mercy for heart surgery the next day.  We want to take a minute to compliment your awesome staff. It is important to realize that Roger has never had surgery before. As a currently employed RN, I believe I am a good evaluator of good care. At Exempla we strive for Best in Nation service. I will say, that what we experienced at Bergen Mercy was absolutely awesome. The RNs on the cardiac unit, Jen L, Brenlie, Keri P, Ali, Gina G, Jamie, Tammy, Joan, Jill A and Philip were so very caring and compassionate. They were all without exception a credit to their profession. Also Helen and Margaret from cardiac rehab, and the respiratory therapists were awesome. Each one treated Roger, and his family with respect and caring during a most stressful time, during the winter blizzard, over Christmas. You can be proud of how this nursing staff represents your hospital. Congratulations on being in my mind “Best in Nation.” Please tell them thank you from us. Roger is recovering well with a lot of spunk and taking charge of his life. Thank you for doing what you do so well and for giving us back someone who we love so much. It was a hard way to spend the holidays away from our own family, but you made it much easier and helped us see the true meaning of Christmas.  God Bless.

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