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Don’t Be a Scrooge this Holiday Season

December 20, 2014

Don’t Be a Scrooge this Holiday Season

Do people describe you as “Scrooge” during the holidays? Do you feel like Scrooge when someone talks about one more thing that has to be done? How about approaching the holidays with a different attitude? The following are tips that might help:

  1. Accept what is. Negativity and anger arise when you aren’t accepting what is. Give up the idea that people and things will change. After you accept the situation, it’s much easier to be constructive and figure out how to cope with the situation.
  2. Be irrepressibly positive around difficult or annoying folks. When people around you are being negative – complaining, gossiping, or being critical – jump in with positive statements such as how good the food is, how exciting the football game is or how beautiful the house looks. Genuine expressions of joy, gratitude, and happiness neutralize negativity.
  3. Remember what is important. Remind yourself that what creates a great celebration is loved ones, not store bought presents, elaborate decorations or gourmet food.
  4. Have realistic expectations. – No holiday celebration is perfect. View inevitable missteps as opportunities to demonstrate flexibility and resilience.
  5. Take time for yourself. – There may be pressure to be everything to everyone. Sometimes self-care is the best thing you can do to improve your attitude. Go for a long walk, get a massage, listen to music, or read a new book. By slowing down you will actually have more energy to accomplish your goals.
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