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Eating Healthy on a Budget

March 5, 2019

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Happy National Nutrition Month! I’m a dietitian with CHI Health and I wanted to give you some quick and easy tips to help save money through eating and how to eat on a budget.

Prepare Your Food for Budget Eating

First, I would recommend trying to the prepare your own food as much as possible. Eating out and buying pre-packaged foods can really add up on the grocery bill, so trying to aim for eating out only once a week can really help you save some money. Preparing your own food if you’re able is kind of fun, and can also save a lot.

Non-Organic Produce Can Save Your Budget

Second, buying 100% organic ingredients can really add up as well. If you have decided to eat completely organic make sure you’ve really done the research and that it is worth the extra effort and expenses for you. I personally decided not to eat 100% organic stuff and I am much happier with my grocery bill. I feel like I still get all the benefits from the foods at the grocery store or from conventional farms.

Protein Substitutions for Budget Eating

Lastly, the protein portions of your meal are typically the most expensive part of the meal. If you’re feeling adventurous, maybe try and do a Meatless Monday sometime, or just add eggs, quinoa, nuts or beans to your meals instead of meat in order to save. You can still get your protein through those without it being as expensive as a piece of steak.

Thanks for listening, I hope that you like these tips and they’re helpful for you. Have a happy National Nutrition Month and happy grocery shopping!

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    Very interesting and to the point. Enjoyed.

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    Sue Bolton

    Always helpful, good way to stay on track.

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