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Getting to know the unknown

November 16, 2011
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Getting to know the unknown

Adalyn and Kristina

Having only lived in the Omaha area for a few years, I was not familiar whatsoever with the hospitals and doctors in the area.  I learned I was pregnant in December, 2009 and was advised by my family physician to visit an OBGYN at week 10.  At week 7, I began having complications and feared I was having a miscarriage in the middle of the night.  I went to Midlands Hospital ER expecting to be treated as a barely-pregnant and routine patient but was surprised by how deeply caring the ER staff and ultrasound technicians were.  I didn’t lose my baby and was referred to Dr. Peggy Jones whom I met several days later.  Even though Dr. Jones had only been an OBGYN for a few years, she was smart and attentive and I was comfortable with her from the moment I met her. 

Dr. Jones delivered at both Bergan Mercy and Midlands so when it came time to decide which hospital I wanted to deliver at, I chose Bergan Mercy.  I was told that due to Midlands Hospital being smaller, in the event of any complications I would have to be transported to Bergen Mercy.  However, since the number of deliveries at Midlands were smaller, the nursing staff doted even more so on their patients.  Due to several hiccups throughout my pregnancy, I chose to deliver at Bergen Mercy and it was the most delightful experience.

I arrived in the evening just when Nurse April’s shift started and she was extremely kind and comforting throughout the night.  She even stayed past her shift to see my darling, healthy baby girl I delivered that morning. 

During my two day stay, the maternity nursing staff took wonderful care of my daughter and me.  The lactation staff was so helpful, my room was lovely with a queen sized bed and besides my served meals a nutrition room with healthy snacks was just down the hall.

When my daughter and I were released from Bergan, I felt as if I were leaving home for the first time again.  Being a new mother, I was scared and the nurse who took me to the car told me I would be a wonderful mother and hugged me before I left.  I still tear up when I think of her!

Thank you to the staff of Midlands Hospital and Bergan Mercy for helping me along my journey to becoming a mother and delivering my daughter with the utmost care.  I look forward to the experience of having another child and maybe next time I will chose Midlands.  My daughter is now a year old and I still think back fondly to the ideal experience at Bergan Mercy.

– Kristina

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