Home Remedies for 5 Common Kids Summer Injuries

May 24, 2022

Home Remedies for 5 Common Kids Summer Injuries

The weather is nice, and our children are spending more time outside, which is great! But that usually means more injuries and ailments for them. Here are some home remedies to deal with 5 of the most common injuries/ailments that can occur.

Home Remedies For Burns

A minor burn is red and tender with minor swelling. To treat this, place the burned skin under cold running water to cool the area. Do not put ice on it as it can slow healing. If a blister does form, do your best to keep it intact and do NOT pop it. A popped blister will give bacteria a chance to enter and cause infection. Apply a bandage after the wound cools down. Do not put grease, butter or ointment on the burn as this actually keeps the heat in. Seek immediate medical help for severe burns.

Home Remedies For Insect stings

After a bee sting (or sting by any other stinging insect) you will want to remove the stinger as quickly as possible to prevent more venom from being pumped into the skin. The best way to remove the stinger is to gently scrape horizontally with a credit card or dull end of a knife. It is best to avoid the removal with tweezers as squeezing of the stinger will release more venom into the skin. Seek immediate attention if the child develops difficulty breathing or swelling of the face.

How to Remove Ticks

Most tick bites are harmless and do not lead to infection. And if there has been no travel outside of Nebraska, then Lyme disease is not possible. To remove a tick, it is best to grab it by the head with tweezers and pull straight up. If the head is still attached do what you can to remove the entire head either with tweezers or a needle. Seek medical attention if your child develops a rash or fever in the next two weeks as there are still a few tick-born infections that can be acquired in this region (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis).

Home Remedies For Head Injuries

A bump on the head is a common injury when kids are playing. If they have the following symptoms they need to be seen by a doctor: loss of consciousness (knocked out), vomiting, changes in speech, behavior or gait, changes in vision, confusion, and weakness of arms or legs. If they just experience a minor headache and perhaps a bump on the head, you can just watch them at home and see how they do

What to Do with Knocked Out Teeth

This is a common injury that is one of the few that require a dentist’s attention. If a tooth has been completely knocked out, retrieve the tooth and put it in milk then call your dentist’s office. They will have an on-call dentist that should be able to care for your child to replace the tooth.

To sum things up, many of the common summer ailments can be handled outside of your physician’s office by using these tips above. However, you should always call a family medicine doctor if you have questions or concerns throughout the summer or any time at all. Here’s to a safe rest of the summer!

Original post date: July 2014. Revised: January 2023.

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