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I Love CHI Health Lakeside Hospital

January 13, 2010
CHI Health


I Love CHI Health Lakeside Hospital


I came in for surgery at Lakeside Hospital, to have a D&C.  This is not something anyone wants to go through so obviously I was scared, horrified, nervous and upset. My nurses that took care of me were SO unbelievably awesome. My nurse, Diana made me feel so much better and helped me just relax a little. Sharon in recovery was also great, although I was only half awake when I talked to her. After my recovery, I went to another area where I had a nurse named Teresa, she was awesome. I was still sort of out of it and Teresa made sure that I had everything I needed and just really took care of me. Everyone was very sympathetic of my situation which helped me get through my difficult day there. Even though it was a horrible situation and surgery to have to go through, it couldn’t have been better.

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