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You may have heard a report or two in the past few weeks about how one in five teenagers now suffers from hearing loss. It was part of a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association this month that suggests an increase in the use of mp3 players – and the volume at which teens play their music – is to blame.

Take 14-year-old Ben McCure, for example. He’s always had some hearing loss – but started to take a dive in school when it got worse. Turns out the culprit was loud music pumped directly into his ears with ear bud headphones. He now has hearing aids with him wherever he goes – a warning to his friends and classmates that while they may not want to turn down the volume, it’s a much better option than losing their hearing altogether.

Ben shared his story with KETV’s Rob McCartney this past weekend. Click here to hear Ben’s full story.

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