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Dr. Ann SullivanI want to give a big thanks to Dr. Ann Sullivan, Alegent Lakeside Mother/Baby, and NICU.  I delivered Jordan on September 28th, 2010.  She was born six weeks premature.  Dr. Sullivan had given me steroid shots so Jordan’s lungs would be mature if she decided to come early.  Thank goodness, because our journey began at Lakeside after my water broke at 2 am on Tuesday, September 28th.  Dr. Sullivan happened to be delivering a patient in the next room when I arrived on the floor.  At the time she came to my room, she said I would probably deliver in the afternoon.  Unfortunately, it was her day off.  When I progressed quickly, the nurses called Dr. Sullivan and she came in on her day off to deliver my baby.

I am not sure if she knows how much that meant to me to have her perform my delivery, instead of a physician who didn’t know me.  Since Jordan was six weeks premature, they took her to the NICU.  Thanks again to Dr. Sullivan, Jordan was only on C-PAP for twelve hours.  Thanks to all of the wonderful staff in the NICU and Dr. Zach.  Jordan had excellent care and we were able to leave after a week and a half.  My husband and I were able to have a room at the hospital to stay during Jordan’s stay, which made it easier to be there all of the time.  The nurses did an excellent job anticipating the emotions involved when having a premature infant.  Even the nutrition and environmental service staff were friendly and caring.  Thanks again to the excellent care we received at Lakeside.

– Jenifer

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