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With obesity rates on the rise, obesity and its treatments are getting more and more press. On December 20, researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health published the results of an interesting, yet unsettling study. It appears that your average physician is under-qualified to meaningfully address the obesity “issue” with his/her patient. Despite the fact that obesity is one of the most alarming health epidemics Americans face, less than half of all surveyed physicians in this study reported having any success with helping their patients lose weight.

A study like this brings to my mind all kinds of questions.

Despite the lack of confidence with many health care professionals in comprehensively helping patients lose weight, many physicians, especially Alegent Creighton ones, are referring their patients to clinics who specialize in exactly these services, such as Alegent Creighton Weight Management. – where surgical and non-surgical options are offered by qualified teams of experts.

We’d love to know some of our readers’ thoughts on the following:

  • The researchers state that “primary care physicians agree they may not be the best health care professionals to give weight related counseling”. Where do you feel comfortable going for weight loss help? [The physicians who participated in the study stated that “nutritionists and dietitians” are the most qualified to help obese patients.]
  • What approach do you think doctors should take with patients who are overweight?

  • “They found primary care physicians overwhelmingly supported additional training such as nutrition counseling…”

  • Have you ever discussed this topic with a nutritionist or dietitian?

  • What kind of weight-related feedback have you received from your physician?

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  1. Elaine Storovich says:

    I had the sleeve weight loss surgery on September 26, 2012. Since then I have lost 60 pounds and am feeling and looking really good! I am off my blood pressure and cholesterol
    meds and avoided diabetes of which I was there! I have maintained my weight and eat and drink freely and enjoy my life! I have increased my chances of having a much healthier and happier golden years! Thanks to Dr. White, his nurse nagivators, and dietician!!

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