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Marcia Blair

April is Volunteer Month. All month, our wonderful cancer volunteers will share why they give of themselves, in their own words.

The biggest reward I’ve had as a volunteer has been to meet all the brave women at “Look Good…Feel Better.” It’s a free program that helps women cancer patients improve their appearance and self-image by teaching them hands-on beauty techniques to manage the appearance-related side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Every class I have leaves me in awe. These women are the bravest, strongest and most empathetic people I’ve ever met.

It is my job to teach them a few things about makeup and how not to contaminate the makeup to avoid infections. I try to conduct the class in any way the patients like—so no session is ever alike.

It is a true blessing to do the sessions. You watch women helping each other and taking one day at a time. Many times you encounter someone who has been stricken with cancer more than once and instead of being defeated, they pick themselves up and stand up taller. This is an amazing program and I am blessed to be a part of it.

– Marcia Blair

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