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Have you seen the new commercials or billboards for Alegent Creighton Health? You’ve got to check them out:

What an amazing message. If you’ve had any interaction with a team member at Weight Management, then you know that this is a marketing campaign that delivers.  Transforming lives, making significant, meaningful change in the way people manage their health is what we do. It is who we are.

Think about the message “never standing still.” For me, some days this phrase describes either an exhausting 14 hour day or my busy sister who is a mother of three. And yet, most days this idea of ‘never standing still’ is empowering, exciting and chock-full of endorphins. Literally, the message is active. And I love being active.

How does that show up for you? When you hear “never standing still,” what images march to the front of your brain?

Population health and community well-being is a strategic priority for Alegent Creighton Health. This means we will build programs, services and locations that will enable you to never stand still. It means that rather than engineering health out of your daily life (like our American culture has done exceptionally well), we are bringing healthy back!

What are ways you’ve transformed your health to never stand still?

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