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Tim Hron, MA, LIMHP

Why Putting Yourself First is Important as a Parent

Mental Health, Wellness

Hello, fellow parents! How’s everyone doing at taking care of themselves? Have you been balancing your responsibilities by relaxing and taking care of your own emotional needs? This is something I think we all can relate to on several levels. If you’re like me, when life gets too busy with work and family I tend to become run down – not just physically, but also emotionally. I will have trouble focusing, become irritable, have difficulty sleeping and overeat (especially carbs).  Then I start down the path of making poor choices (not showing up professionally at work, being unsupportive with my family and friends, and putting myself at risk of becomingly physically sick). I’ve learned that this is when I need to take a … Continue reading

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Karen Bermel LIMHP, MC

When is it Time to Get Help for Your Mental Health?

Mental Health

There have been a lot of changes in the field of mental and behavioral health over the last 50 years or so. The biggest change that comes to my mind is that people are no longer considered weak if they seek help with depression, anxiety or any other mental-health disorder. Some of us can probably remember when talking about mental health issues was done with a whisper, if at all. Thankfully there is a greater understanding and more acceptance that mental health issues, just like physical health issues, need to be brought up with our health care providers so that proper diagnosis and treatment can be started. The big question for many is, “Where do I start?” My recommendation is … Continue reading

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Karen Bermel LIMHP, MC

10 Ways to “De-Stress” This Holiday Season

Mental Health, Wellness

I’m not sure when or how it happened, but Halloween has come and gone – and, like it or not, we are in the holiday season. The stores are already prepared with lights and music, holiday menus are being planned in homes across the U.S., and Black Friday shopping sprees are being strategized. It seems like we just get the kids back in school, and it’s time for Halloween, which leads to Thanksgiving, which takes us right up to Christmas, New Year’ s Eve and New Year’s Day. Many are exhausted just thinking about it. We are already such busy people – with many day-to-day responsibilities like kids, jobs, pressures of both home and work, obligations to our extended family, … Continue reading

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Karen Bermel LIMHP, MC

It’s Still Winter: How to Manage the Winter Blahs

Mental Health, Wellness

For those reading this blog in the Omaha area – or surrounding areas of the Midwest – I don’t have to remind you that it is still winter. It doesn’t really feel like we’ve had that much snow this winter, but we have had bitter, bitter cold and lots and lots of wind. I actually met one of my new neighbors this winter because her garbage can ended up in my front yard after it was emptied. I live several houses away from her so it had quite a ride that day. Meeting my neighbor was nice and was one of the bright spots of this dreary, seemingly endless winter. My colleagues and I have also seen this winter take … Continue reading

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Karen Bermel LIMHP, MC

Holidays and Mental Health


Well, we made it through Thanksgiving, and now we are on to Christmas and New Year’s, as well as many other beautiful faith-filled traditions at this time of year. Last time I wrote, we talked about a few ways to better manage the ups and downs of the holidays. Because life is busy, and the holidays just make us busier, it can be a pretty stressful time of year. This week’s blog is about many of the same things as the last blog, but more from the perspective of managing the holidays if you or a loved one is dealing with a mental health disorder. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and all other mental health disorders do not take a holiday … Continue reading

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