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Lisa Moore, ATC

Return to Play After a Concussion

Sports Medicine

Unfortunately concussions do occur and we need some guidelines in place in order to protect the athlete and make sure they truly are ready to return to activity. Before allowing those with concussions to return to sport, we must ensure they are symptom free for at least 24 hours. This is done by a symptom inventory and the patient must self report how they are feeling. It is incredibly important that the patient is honest with themselves, and the clinician at this time to make sure we truly are symptom free and not just anxious to return to activity. As athletic trainers we do an activity progression that allows them to build back up to what level of activity they … Continue reading

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Whitney Vessar, ATC

Return to Learn after Concussion

Sports Medicine

Discussing concussions in the past has focused on when the athlete could return to playing safely, however, recent years have shifted the conversation to how and when the player should return to school, and that makes sense. While athletics are important in many ways, academics are life long tools. Think about it like this—if you sprain your ankle in a volleyball game, should you run the mile in PE class the next day? The task of walking would be difficult, let alone running. The same principle of recovery applies to head injuries. A concussion disrupts the way the brain processes information, so taking that test in history class the next day might be a struggle. Strategies have been developed to … Continue reading

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Lisa Moore, ATC

Anatomy of the Knee: An Introduction to the ACL

Sports Medicine

By now anyone who has watched a sporting event has heard about the ACL, or specifically the ACL tear. Everyone knows it’s a devastating injury but few know what it actually does or is! Our knee is comprised of four ligaments – the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), lateral collateral ligament (LCL), and the medial collateral ligament (MCL). Ligaments connect bone to bone and are responsible as a last stabilizer for a joint after the muscles- like the brakes on a car. The MCL and the LCL are both on the outside of the knee (the inside and the outside, respectively) and are responsible for the knee moving side to side. In the knee, the ACL and … Continue reading

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CHI Health Clinic Pediatrics

Fall Sports: Parenting Your Child Athlete

Pediatrics, Wellness

Fall sports are in full swing, often leading to new challenges for families.  No longer are we worried about the high heat index (hopefully) or whether our kid is in good enough condition to keep up with intense practices (most are in better condition by now).  Most of us are getting into the routine of balancing the season with all our other family activities, but it’s never a bad idea to stay on the look-out for obstacles. Keep the focus on providing good nutrition for your young athlete.  Make sure they have access to healthy, regular meals and snacks:  carbs are important, but so are fats and protein to maintain muscle and energy over longer periods.  Hydration is still very … Continue reading

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