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Eric Van De Graaff, M.D.

Leg Swelling


Swelling of the legs is a common problem and one I encounter on an almost daily basis.  It can be mild—nothing more than an unsightly nuisance—or quite severe with skin breakdown and open sores.  It can be an occasional occurrence or an ongoing vexation. Most everyone has experienced swelling at some point in their lives.  You eat at a Mexican cantina—gorging on the free chips and salsa and indulging in salty margaritas—and the next morning you awake to find that someone has replaced your fingers with Vienna sausages.  By evening your lower legs feel like you have silly putty under the skin. The technical term for swelling like this is edema (or, if you’re British, this term is conveniently filed … Continue reading

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Michael Aaronson, M.D.

Where Does All That Water Weight Go?


  The question keeps getting asked: Water pills (diuretics) do not take care of my water weight problem. Why is this when aquapheresis works great? The figure represents the water distribution of a 70 kilogram male (150 pounds) with no extra fluid. You are mostly water. If you have swelling in the legs (edema), the EXTRA fluid is located in the intersititial space. Of interest, patients with 30 pounds of edema have all that extra water weight located in the intersitial space. According to the figure, only a tiny amount of fluid is located on the arterial side (0.7 liters or about 2 cans of Pepsi), the place where diuretics (water pills) have an effect. Too much stress placed on … Continue reading

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