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Ellen Thomsen, MS, RD, LMNT

Staying Active Over the Holidays

Weight Management

With the cold weather rolling in comes less activity and lack of motivation for exercise.  When the days are shorter more of us want to go home after work, instead of driving to the gym in the dark.  I can absolutely relate.  However, far too often I see a client’s weight go up and health go down over the winter months.  You have worked hard to increase your exercise and keep weight off over the past several months, don’t stop now!  Getting in your exercise may be a bit more challenging, but still realistic.  Problem solve your way through it. Find motivation Build off past success Recruit a spouse, coworker or friend to exercise with you Remember why you started … Continue reading

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Eric Van De Graaff, M.D.

Fruit, Fitness, and Shower Safety


A couple of research studies caught my eye over the last few months: Produce Are you a pear or an apple?  For years we’ve been told that how we carry our fat signifies what sort of risk of heart disease we harbor.  If you gain weight mainly around your hips, yet your belly remains relatively thin, you fall into the “pear” category and enjoy a lower risk of heart attack.  If, however, your hips are thin but your belly balloons outward, you are an “apple” and are at higher risk. An article in The Lancet casts doubt on this long-held paradigm.  Researchers studied the records of 220,000 people in 17 developed nations to determine what sort of physiological and anthropomorphic … Continue reading

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Eric Van De Graaff, M.D.

Winter Fitness


We’ve enjoyed a beautiful autumn here in the Midwest.  The air has been cool and dry and the skies clear and sunny.  My patients who exercise outdoors repeatedly tell me how much they enjoy going for walks on pleasant afternoons and catching nine holes on the golf course.  As I talk to them about their exercise habits (a conversation I try to incorporate frequently) I’ve begun asking them what sort of plans they have for exercise during the less hospitable winter months. I learned my lesson last year.  Those of you living in the Midwest will recall that we had one of the most challenging winters on record with freezing temperatures and snow that seemed to signal a return to … Continue reading

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