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Megan O'Dea

Meet the Doctors: Kristi NewMyer, M.D., FACOG


Last week we introduced you to Dr. Margaret Beran – today you can get to know one of her new partners at Alegent Health Clinic Women’s Health Specialists, Kristi NewMyer M.D., FACOG. Dr. NewMyer is no stranger to the area – she’s spent the last 13 years training and working right here in the metro. Her undergrad, medical school and residency were all through Creighton University, followed by her own obstetrics and gynecology practice with Creighton Women’s Health Center-West. But now she’s a member of the Alegent Health Clinic team – and we couldn’t be happier to have her. She’s been seeing patients at our clinic on 81st and Center for about a week now. Dr. NewMyer in her own … Continue reading

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Megan O'Dea

Meet the Doctors: Margaret Beran, M.D.


We received such a great response from our introductions to new physicians last month, that we figured we’d make it a regular occurrence here on Inside Alegent! This month we also have three new physicians joining Alegent Health Clinic and we’ll start by introducing you to one of our newest women’s health specialists – Margaret Beran, M.D. Dr. Beran joins the women’s health team at Alegent Health Clinic at Immanuel this week – but she’s no stranger to the metro. She received her bachelor’s at Creighton and her medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Then she headed north for a few years (five to be specific) to complete a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Hurley Medical … Continue reading

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Jen Homann

Meet the Doctors: Dr. Erin Talaska


Good morning and happy Monday! We’re kicking off this week with yet another new physician introduction. Today is all about Dr. Erin Talaska – an OB/GYN (or women’s health specialist, as we like to refer to them). She’s actually seeing patients at two different locations: Alegent Health Clinic on 81st and Center as well as out west at the clinic at Lakeside Hospital. This means she’s always just a hop skip & a jump away from any patients in labor at Bergan Mercy or Lakeside. Hear more from Dr. Talaska: Erin, as she told us to call her during her photo and video shoot, has spent the past eight years training here in Omaha. She received her medical degree from … Continue reading

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CHI Health

Forever Grateful

Patient Stories

Dr. Taggart with Ava When I became pregnant again in 2007, there was a lot of emotion: excitement and fear. Having lost two babies in the first trimester prior to this pregnancy, I faced this pregnancy with a lot of trepidation. I was scared but I knew I was in excellent hands. Dr. Heather Taggart is my OBGYN and I felt confident in her plan for me and my baby. After my second miscarriage, Dr. Taggart became my advocate to the insurance company and pushed for genetic testing. Normally, insurance companies don’t want to pay for genetic testing until there has been three or more miscarriages. Dr. Taggart did not want to see me go through another tough loss and … Continue reading

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Erin Evans, M.D.

The Laborist Model


A new model of patient care for mothers in labor is being utilized around the country. It is called the “Laborist Model.” Essentially, there are obstetricians who work in shifts and their only responsibility during that time is to care for pregnant women who are hospitalized. This physician, called the laborist, would supervise the labor and delivery of infants, as well as evaluate and treat pregnant patients with complications, such as premature labor. When his or her shift is over, the laborist goes home and has no other patient care responsibilities. This is quite different from the current way most ob/gyn physicians work. On a typical work day an ob/gyn wakes up early, performs several hours of surgery, rounds on … Continue reading

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