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Grant Hewitt

Trans Fats to Disappear from American Foods

Weight Management

“…not generally recognized as safe…for any use in food.” This is what the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had to say about the consumption of trans fats less than two years ago.  The FDA has now taken a bold step to act on that assessment by outlawing their use by the food industry.  While it is true that decades past have given dietary fat, in general, a bad reputation which it did not quite deserve, this is not the case with trans fats.  Nutritionists and savvy consumers alike have rightly been concerned about trans fats for years due to its negative health effects.  In fact, unlike most nutrients, there has never been a safe “upper limit” for these fats, because according … Continue reading

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Karen Bermel LIMHP, MC

Depression and Heart Disease


With Valentine’s Day approaching, Alegent Health is talking a lot about heart-related issues. Not so much the romantic side of the heart, but issues surrounding heart disease. Bergan Mercy Medical Center is hosting a Heart and Vascular Health Fair on Saturday, February 18th, from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. regarding health-related issues. I’m looking forward to it because I’ll be there! You might be wondering how mental-health and heart disease are related. I know my last blog was on marriage and relationships – the other, more romantic  side of heart-related issues – and I had intended on continuing that discussion this week. However, we’re going to take a little bit of a turn – still discussing relationships – but this … Continue reading

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Eric Van De Graaff, M.D.

No One Lives Forever


A physician friend of mine recently posed a question: What would happen, he asked, if all our efforts to stamp out heart disease and cancer were finally successful?  Following our current trajectory (or, at least, the direction in which we hope we’re heading), what would happen if we were able to finally do away with the two most common maladies that we face and from which most of us ultimately die? I gather from the tone of his question that he implies that eliminating cancer and heart disease, while noble and seemingly worthwhile, may lead to untoward consequences that we don’t fully appreciate.  Will people start living forever?  Will we create a society so overloaded with geriatric social service consumers … Continue reading

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Eric Van De Graaff, M.D.

Anger Management


A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology recently caught my eye (I lead in with this sentence as a way of making my readers believe that I actually spend time reading professional research rather than just surfing the internet looking for humorous medical trivia—something I would never do). Researchers in New York and Canada conducted a study on the link between behavioral hostility and one’s risk of future heart attacks and found that angry people suffer cardiac problems twice as often as the more placid individuals. Why the study was conducted in Nova Scotia, Canada, I can’t exactly say. One would think that researchers from New York City would need to look no further than … Continue reading

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Jen Homann

The Miracle Therapy


What would you say if your doctor told you that there is one thing you can do every day to help: Regulate your blood sugar Lower blood pressure Reduce your risk for diabetes and heart disease Maintain healthy muscles, bones and joints Slow the deteriorating effects of aging Improve your overall mood AND keep your mind sharp and potentially ward off dementia Also, there really aren’t any harmful side effects and it won’t cost you a thing. You’d want to know more about it and how you can get your hands on it, right? So now what would you say if I told you that every single one of you has access to this miracle therapy, but that more than … Continue reading

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