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Alicia Gentle, BSN, RN-CEN

YouTurn Program Reaches Into the Community to Reduce Violent Crime

Community Benefit

When it comes to violence, there’s rarely just one victim. Research has shown violence’s adverse effects extend beyond the immediate victim to impact families, communities, neighborhoods and schools. In fact, exposure to violence alone has been linked to chronic disease, mental health issues and lower quality of life, plus increased risk of continuing the cycle of violence and disease. We as health care professionals see the destruction violence causes firsthand. That’s why we are passionate about reducing the number of violent crimes and injuries that present to the Trauma Center here at CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center – Bergan Mercy, as well as our Emergency Departments, and city wide. One way is through a partnership with the organization YouTurn. … Continue reading

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CHI Health

A lot to be thankful for

Patient Stories

As we approach the first Thanksgiving since 4 members of my family began the HMR journey, I want to thank the health educators at Alegent HMR in Omaha. My wife and I started last February. Our adult son started a week later. Our adult daughter started in August. Everyone is in Phase 2 now and we’re all doing well. The three who started in February are all at (or below) their goal weights. Daughter is well on her way. The basic HMR program, together with outstanding guidance by Alegent staff, are the reasons why at least this person intends on being around to enjoy two young grandchildren for many, many years. Thanks Tim and Grant! I’m not mentioning names of … Continue reading

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Michael Aaronson, M.D.

Person, Process, Product


Once a committee has decided on a plan of action, the next step is implementation — the rate-limiting factor that must occur after equipment or process has been approved! In my opinion, this step is the hardest to execute. And that’s why systems look for champions (persons) to serve as catalysts to help “get things going.” Therefore, provider “buy in” must occur early. The only way for that to occur is to use physician-driven committees. The Physician Drivers should not be chosen based on seniority, but on an established record of excellence to get a particular job done. These people must have education in the field, be willing to learn new things, have up to date credentials, and must be … Continue reading

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Eric Van De Graaff, M.D.

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered


  I read an interesting article in the NY Times the other week regarding a phenomenon I’ve seen over and over in hospital intensive care units.  The report, published June 20, 2010, claims that nearly one third of patients over the age of 70 will experience some degree of delirium during a hospital stay, especially if they spend any time in the ICU.  With our current population pushing the curve of age distribution farther to the right we will be seeing more geriatric patients admitted to hospitals and with them more frequent cases of delirium. A reasonable definition of delirium would be as follows (courtesy of medical-dictionary.com): “An acute, reversible organic mental disorder characterized by reduced ability to maintain attention … Continue reading

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And Baby Makes 5

Patient Stories

I was scheduled to be induced with my third child on Thursday March 4th, 2010. When we got to Lakeside and got checked in, I was a little nervous, as this was my first time being induced. We met our nurse, Amy R. who stated that she was going to be with us for the whole day. As it turns out, I was already having contractions and in the early stages of labor. Amy was so wonderful in making both my husband and I feel so comfortable. She was both knowledgeable and caring, understanding exactly what kind of delivery experience I wanted to have and she was committed to making it happen. After spending the better part of the day … Continue reading

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