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Lauren Schreffler, APRN

Pap and Pelvic: the 2 Ps and When You Need Them

Women's Health

Many women assume the Pap test and pelvic exam go together, but that’s not always the case. Both are important tools your provider uses to diagnose conditions and detect cancer, but they are not one and the same. The Pelvic Exam What: This physical exam checks for medical problems with your pelvis, vagina, and pelvic floor. It’s helpful for detecting problems with bladder function, sexual function, or other issues with your pelvic anatomy. How: You’ll be asked to change into a gown and lie on the exam table. Your outer anatomy (vulva) will be examined for redness, swelling, sores, or other abnormalities. Your provider will insert a speculum (duck-bill-shaped instrument) into your vagina to separate the vaginal walls to visualize … Continue reading

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