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Robin Duhon, RD, LMNNT

Making Your Own Healthy Summer Snacks


Summer brings a schedule packed with activities, the weather is nice, the kids are out of school and the sun sets late.  Healthy snacks you can take anywhere are important to keep you full of energy and lasting all day. Beware of packaged items that are high in sugar and salt. Many granola bars and trail mixes are loaded with sodium and sugar-covered dried fruit, so be sure to read the ingredients. These foods can leave you feeling tired or cause severe thirst, which many people mistake for hunger, leading to overeating. Having healthy snacks handy will not only give you the energy you need for summer fun, but it will also reduce your temptation of reaching for convenience foods … Continue reading

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Robin Duhon, RD, LMNNT

How to Sneak Veggies into your Spring Smoothie

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Spring is here and fresh fruits and vegetables will soon be in full harvest. If you enjoy smoothies, now is the perfect time to gather your favorite fresh ingredients.  If you are interested in boosting the nutritional value of your smoothie by adding some vegetables but you are scared of how it will taste, try the following tips: Add the vegetables in very small amounts and only one at a time. Remember, your taste buds are constantly changing so you can develop a taste for something that you may have once thought was too bitter or strong. Use sweeter fruits, such as apples, pears, cherries or bananas to balance the strong flavor of green vegetables. Carrots, celery, and avocado have … Continue reading

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Robin Duhon, RD, LMNNT

5 “Scary” Halloween Treats To Make At Home With Your Kids

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Halloween is a fun time of the year for kids and grown ups. Costumes, decorations, parties! Candy and treats play a big part of the Halloween festivities, but the average serving of Halloween candy provides around 250 calories, but hardly anything else.Remember, your kids will get plenty of candy from trick-or-treating. Make the rest of Halloween as healthy as possible!   Here are some fun and creative ways to provide healthier snacks for your kids this year that provide better nutrition than anything found in their trick-or-treat bag! Apple Teeth This healthy treat is something that the kids can help create and will have fun with. Cut apples into slices and spread peanut butter on one side. Next, line a slice … Continue reading

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Robin Duhon, RD, LMNNT

How to Make Your Own Applesauce

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Live Well Omaha Kids recently sponsored a Healthy Families nutrition class at Whole Foods Market where five different healthy recipes were offered.  People of every age enjoyed the homemade applesauce the most, even more than pizza rolls! Made only with cinnamon extract, apples and water, this applesauce has a creamy texture and an appetizing aroma. Customers were surprised to learn that the applesauce is made with the peel of the apple being left intact. A mother decided to offer this applesauce to her exclusively breastfed 6 month-old daughter as her first food, and the baby loved it! Apples are naturally sweet, so added sugar is not needed for this treat. Additionally, various fruits such as bananas, blueberries or pears can … Continue reading

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Toni Kuehneman

Slow Food in a Fast Paced World


Have you heard about “slow food”?  It is a term first coined by the folks who promote food sustainability and the purchase of local foods.  Slow food is the opposite of fast processed food.  Slow food is not about eating food slower (although I like the concept of eating slower to enjoy the taste of food and often eating less amount of food).  Slow food is an idea, a way of living in a world “in which all people can eat food that is good for them, good for the people who grow it, and good for the planet.”  I thought about the slow food concept as I read a USA Today article reporting that Americans’ fruit and vegetable intake … Continue reading

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