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Jim Kleveter, MS, LIMHP, NCC

5 Ways to Overcome Information Overload Today

Mental Health, Wellness

  Cell phones are a way of life Have you ever thought about how many times a day you check your cell phone because of notifications that you have set on your phone, or just because you are curious if any new information about a current event has been disseminated? What is your emotional reaction when you realize you left your cell phone at home and you cannot go back home to retrieve the device? Cell phones are like pacifiers for adults and adolescents. Instead of wailing like infants do when they don’t have their “binkey,” we have a wash of anxiety and terror run through our bodies just like the experience we have when we lose or misplace our wallet. … Continue reading

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Tim Hron, MA, LIMHP

For Parents Practicing What You Preach is Key

Mental Health, Wellness

Hello, fellow parents! I want to address a concern that has occurred recently in my family. Here is a situation that may sound familiar: It’s dinner time at the Hron home and as my family sits down to eat I become frustrated when my two teenage boys at the table are on their phones playing games, texting, or surfing the latest social media app. When I begin to tell them to put their phone down and tell me about their day, I become frustrated when they say, “My day was fine,” then back they go back to their phones. Oddly enough, when I continue to address their cell phone use at the dinner table, my boys react with a negative … Continue reading

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Karen Bermel LIMHP, MC

Institute a Technology-Free Zone for Kids

Mental Health, Parenting, Wellness

It is springtime here in the Midwest and we are enjoying the warmer temperatures and the emerging beauty that this time of year brings. This is also the time of year when our kids begin that final push for end-of-school-year activities and projects. In the field of mental health, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Tucked inside the month of May is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week. So let’s talk about our kids and our families in this blog post. The end-of-year push of school activities, book reports, homework, and other projects can place a bit of pressure on kids, their parents and their teachers to get things done. There are quite a few timelines right now. Timelines help work … Continue reading

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Richard D. Miller, M.D.

Health Reform and the Chinese Curse


The Chinese curse goes something like this, “May you live in interesting times” (again). In the mid-nineties, health care reform was the hot topic and health care executives and clinicians were scrambling to figure out how to respond to the myriad of regulations. At that time they only had the cliff notes version of what we have today, a mere 1300 pages of a language only spoken in our nation’s capital. We were certain that we were headed into capitation and integrated systems were being developed at breakneck speed. So déjà vu, right? Well, probably not and here’s why. First of all the country is in a very different financial situation. Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIPS (Children’s Health Insurance Programs) account … Continue reading

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Eric Van De Graaff, M.D.

Physician Communication


I remember my very first pager vividly, just not fondly. I was a medical student on a surgery rotation at the VA Medical Center and was issued a heavy, bulky device that looked like a cross between a transistor radio and a toaster. It was equipped with a clip that theoretically allowed it to be attached to the waistband of surgical scrubs, an option made impractical by the heft of the device and which led to the risk of inadvertent mooning of bystanders during morning rounds. It was a voice pager, meaning there was no digital read-out, only a squawking speaker that transmitted whatever message was called into the system. Anyone interested in reaching me would simply dial the number … Continue reading

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