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Just a Coincidence or a Higher Power at Work?

May 3, 2010
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Just a Coincidence or a Higher Power at Work?

Ask most nurses, and they’ll tell you that saving lives isn’t just a part of their jobs – it’s their calling and their Mission. Greg Johnston, RN, who works at CHI Health Immanuel Fontenelle Home, proved that this weekend when he saved the life of a little boy struck by a passing car.Greg said that he was at a friend’s house Sunday afternoon, working on a lawnmower. He stepped out on to the porch around 4:30 p.m. to find a group of distraught neighbors crowded into the street. That’s when Greg saw the little boy – a toddler just shy of his 3rd birthday, according to reports – lying limp in another man’s arms.So Greg did what he was trained to do: he started CPR as quickly as possible. About a minute later, the little boy started to breathe on his own again. Soon the ambulance arrived to take the toddler to the hospital – leaving Johnston stunned, but thankful he was able to do something to help.

Looking back on the day, Greg’s wife recalls asking him if it was really necessary that he go over to work on that lawnmower. Now they both know the answer. Whether it was just a coincidence or a higher power at work, Greg was meant to be at that house, at that time – and this little boy’s life is now proof of it.

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