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Mood Watch…An App to help monitor your mood

By Karen Williams, LIMHP June 07, 2013 Posted in: Wellness

For those of you connected to iPhones and Android phones, I found a really neat app, “Mood Watch," that helps monitor mood and self-care activities. Kimberly Knox, a woman diagnosed with Bipolar I, developed Mood Watch after a hospital stay. Kimberly, who lives in San Diego, was preparing for discharge from an inpatient stay when someone commented about how her feedback on her mood and self care would make a great app. The rest is history. For 99 cents you can download the Mood Watch app as a tool to help monitor your feelings throughout the day.

The app will ask you things such as:

How are you feeling today?
How much sleep did you get?
What was the quality of your sleep?
Anxiety levels (morning, noon and evening)
Mood levels (morning, noon and evening)
Mindfulness (morning, noon and evening)
Energy level (morning, noon and evening)

Answers to these questions can be graphed. And there’s a place to add medications, so that you are sure to take them. You can track how well you’ve been doing by looking at a a simple graph. Think about how that can help you take better care of yourself, or inform your providers of how well you’ve been doing.

I discovered this information through Mental Health Ministries. For those managing mental health issues, this little app could potentially help in any number of ways. I have shared this with some of my colleagues here at the clinic, but would really like some feedback from you if you’re using this app. Have you found it helpful? Even if you have not purchased this app, I’d like to know if you think something like this could be useful for you. Your feedback could help all of us learn more, or help someone make the decision as to whether to buy it or not. I encourage you to take a look at Mood Watch App or Kimberly Knox’s story on the web.

Let me know what you think.

Karen Williams, LIMHP
Karen Williams, LIMHP

Karen Williams, LIMHP is a Mental Health provider at CHI Health.

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