My first blog post!

November 18, 2011

My first blog post!

My name is Karen Bermel and I am a mental-health provider here at the Alegent Health campus at Bergan Mercy. I’m going to be blogging with you every now and then, and thought I might share a little bit about me in my first blog with you.

I was born and raised here in Omaha, but moved to Phoenix, Arizona for 18 years. I’ve been back for five years, and am so glad I made the decision to come home. I loved Arizona, but my family, my home, my heart has always been here.

I’ve been thinking of what it took to put myself and my cat Neumann in the car back in 2006, and head for Omaha. I was in private practice in Arizona and owned a home. I needed to close the business, sell the house, and figure out how to pack 18 years of stuff.

My house sold very quickly, so I needed to get organized fast. I found I had organizational skills I didn’t really know I had. I was able to accomplish everything I needed to in a very short period of time. The lessons I learned during that time were invaluable!

For starters, I realized early on I needed to write things down – basically make a check list of things to do. That seemed to help me get organized and stay organized. As the days went by, the list got smaller and smaller, and I knew I was accomplishing my tasks. I also found I needed to take extra good care of myself. I needed to make sure I ate some decent food once in awhile and get enough sleep. Relying on friends was also important – it made me realize how important a reliable support system really is. I also had to learn to ask for help when I needed it – meaning I had to know my limitations mentally and physically. Asking for help wasn’t easy – I was used to doing things on my own. This was different though … asking for help and increasing my own self care were two of the biggest learning points for me during that time. I practice remembering those important things even now.

As you read this blog today, I invite you to assess your own strengths and limitations. No matter what you are facing, ask yourself what you need to do to take the best care of yourself in this moment. Also, do not hesitate to ask for help – personal or professional.Omaha is a wonderful community, and there are so many good people and resources to turn to in times of need.

I look forward to blogging with you and hearing from you!

  1. Kay Dye

    This is great! I loved reading this!!

  2. Dj

    Just GREAT Karen! You have the writing skills for blogging. You are a good read... Dj

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