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New Knees, Just in Time!

September 17, 2009


New Knees, Just in Time!

An end to knee pain was possible and Dr. Phillips made it happen

As a former defensive linebacker, my dad endured many knee injuries throughout his younger life. In fact, he received a scholarship to play at Nebraska, but endured a knee injury so catastrophic that he was unable to fulfill that dream of playing Husker football.

For years, as my dad’s knees progressively caused him more pain, my mother urged my dad to see an orthopedic surgeon. My mom, a 42-year veteran nurse knew that joint replacement would bring my father much relief, but it was up to my dad to make the choice “to go under the knife,” (as my dad put it). Finally after years of discomfort which eventually turned into excruciating pain, my dad decided surgery was the way to go.

At Bergan Mercy’s Joint Replacement Center, the patients recover as a group – exercising and going through therapy together throughout their hospital stay. I was not sure how my dad would react to this type of environment. However, sitting next to an 80-year-old woman who had just had the same surgery created friendly competition for my dad and this proved to be a very successful element in his recovery. He pushed himself much harder in that group setting compared to if he was alone in his hospital room. Dr. Sam Phillips performed both successful surgeries. (Thank you Dr. Phillips!)

One and half months later, after my dad’s second surgery, he was able to walk me down the aisle without pain and to take the lead during our father-daughter dance at my wedding.

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