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Not everything can be planned ….

September 14, 2011
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Not everything can be planned ….

I wanted to let you know about the experience I had at Midlands on the maternity floor.  We had decided to deliver our third child at Midlands after two deliveries at a different hospital.  Because our son was past his due date, we planned on being induced on May 16th.  We checked in the night of the 15th and the nurse, Megan, handled everything the moment we stepped on the floor.  She walked us through the plan and made us feel very comfortable with her knowledge and confidence in the hospital and our Doctor (Dr. Harper-Harrison).

The next morning, the 16th, I woke up to take a shower and get ready for our son’s big day.  While showering I started to have severe contractions.  Knowing my other two deliveries took quite a while after induction, I did not think that the baby was coming any time soon; I hadn’t even received poticin, so I was not concerned.  After my shower, I called Megan to order some pain medication and an epidural.   After checking me, she realized I was dilated to 10 and this baby was coming soon!!  She stayed calm and got the room ready for Labor and Delivery.  They called Dr. Harper-Harrison immediately and she was there in plenty of time for me to start pushing.  Unfortunately, the epidural was not the best option given how quickly I had dilated, but the L&D team, my Doctor and my family encouraged me to handle the pain.

Nothing was going as I had planned, but the staff was prepared and kept me calm while I was prepped.  My son had the cord wrapped around his neck and did not breath for at least one minute.  During that time of panic for me, the entire staff remained calm which assured my family that was waiting to meet baby Liam.  The team was able to help him start breathing and he is a strong, healthy baby boy.

I enjoyed the staff that was helping me during this time, especially Megan, Karen and Theresa.  They were all very knowledgeable and made our experience invaluable given the circumstances. The floor was quiet and was very comfortable, I am very happy that we made the choice with Midlands.

Thank you to Dr. Harper-Harrison, Megan, Karen, Theresa and the entire team at Midlands Women’s Health.

Jeff, Katie, Tim, Addy and Liam Fehrman

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