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Perspectives on Patient Care

June 9, 2010
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Perspectives on Patient Care

The following is a guest blog from CHI Health Security Officer Kelly Anderson. Kelly and her team at Immanuel Medical Center recently spearheaded a fishing trip to help a terminally ill patient complete his “bucket list.” After returning from the trip, we asked Kelly to take a moment to discuss her perspective of patient care – and here is her response.

My team, in the Security Department, has a very tough role in the area of patient care. A large majority of the time we are seen or called upon, it is when a situation has gone bad.

  • We must run head-on into a situation … when others are running out.
  • We are tasked with ensuring that all those under our care are protected and safe, even though, at times, they don’t want to be.
  • We are often viewed as Neanderthals with little to no education, walking around with our mastodon bone enforcing policy and procedures.
  • We are the “wanna-be cops.”
  • We are kicked, hit and spat upon, but rarely ever thanked.

So why do we do what we do?

  • We do it because, although it’s often behind the scenes, we are making a difference – without the need for bells and whistles.
  • We are a department filled with the most caring of individuals that give until they can no longer give – just because it is what we do.
  • Our patients are our family – we are supporting them in a way that medication can’t.

Though many people may place patient care solely in the hands of our clinical staff – we know that it doesn’t end there. Yes, it’s helping patients, like Joe, to complete their bucket list while they still have the opportunity. Yes, it’s using our pocket change and a specimen cup to make maracas to entertain a scared child in the ER. But it’s also as simple as a smile or a, “have a nice day.” It’s providing a shoulder for a patient’s family in their time of grief. It’s even found in the way in which our security team carries itself – as a pillar of professionalism and strength.

Patient care is our top priority. For without patients, there would be no CHI Health.

– Kelly Anderson, Security Officer, CHI Health Immanuel Medical Center

Please join us in thanking Kelly for sharing her heartfelt perspectives – and for everything she, and her team, do for CHI Health and our patients every day!

  1. Avatar

    Nichole Gaskill

    -Strong work Anderson. -I have been honored to work side by side with Kelly and learn from her experiences. This woman truly is amazing. I am humbled by her selflessness and empowered by her energy. Kelly goes the extra mile everyday to ensure that no need goes unmet. I cannot express my gratitude for being apart of her 'family'.

  2. Avatar

    Rob McKamy

    Kelly thanks for being "one of the good ones" and not a poser!

  3. Avatar

    Joni Sutherlin

    Your story was touching and made me even more proud to be a part of Alegent Health. Keep up the good work!

  4. Avatar

    Brent Stephens

    A good glimpse into what it means to be a Security OFFICER instead of a Security GUARD. Well done Kelly!

  5. Avatar

    Peggy Leonard

    What a positive story to hear...it just made my day! Thanks!

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