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Decision Making – The Power Of Saying Yes

October 24, 2019

Decision Making – The Power Of Saying Yes

When it comes to decision making, Psychology Today says the average person makes 35,000 conscious decisions each day.

On average that is nearly 1,500 choices in one hour and 24 choices every minute of our lives.  I am not even going to do the math as to how many decisions one makes in a lifetime, though you can imagine that this number would be astronomical.

In 2017, the average life expectancy in the United States was 78.6 years old. So, what does this mean? The short answer is that there’s plenty of time to say yes to new things. These new opportunities open doors to new adventures and allow you to take on different and exciting challenges.

I know you’re probably thinking, “It’s not that simple. There’s no way that I have enough time in my day to make this many decisions.”

Consider The Little Decisions

First, let’s consider how many the decisions that you make are made with very little cognitive recognition. Not only do these decisions lack awareness, but they are also natural responses to the environment around us. For example, the manner in which we greet a friend, the method in which we write our name, or the means in which we a operate a motor vehicle.

Our responses are instinctual and almost automatic. They flow from within us and impact the nuances of life as well as the people who surround us.

With that being said, we also need to recognize that although these decisions appear to be made with minimal thought, the impact of these decisions is certainly not minimal.

Decision Making Can Have A Big Impact

Regardless of how small they seem, these choices create habits in our lives that define who we are as human beings and set a precedence for how we will behave in the future. These decisions demonstrate our morals and values, signify our priorities, and stake claim to the people and places that are the most meaningful to us which define our identity and create personal satisfaction.

Please, Consider The Following During Your Decision Making:

  1. Trust that there is a better future out there for you.
  2. Allow for new circumstances to occur around you and within you.
  3. Provide yourself opportunities to learn something new and different.
  4. Accept past failures and move forward.
  5. Take a step forward and allow progress to happen in your life.
  6. Recognize that life is fluid and change is inevitable.
  7. Encourage yourself to grow by stepping out of your comfort zone.
  8. Create new habits and routines in life that set you up for a successful future.
  9. Help develop your personal identity through self-exploration.
  10. Demonstrate courage as you take on new challenges in life.

Saying Yes is Powerful

When used appropriately, saying yes is a simple, but powerful word that can change your life for the better. From one job role to another, taking you from dating to engaged, or even give you a new street address, the impact of this word doesn’t stop there.

Decisions that are made with an authentic heart; can move mountains. With each decision you make you can literally, change the landscape of your life. Then, take note of what you’ve accomplished through these decisions.

By reminding yourself each day you can move forward to something more rewarding, more fulfilling, and more self-care! Don’t wait, take the reigns of these 35,000 decisions and lead the best life you can and when you say yes, remember that it has the ability to change the world.


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