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The Negative Side of Processed Foods

By Shu-Ming Wang, MD November 06, 2018 Posted in: Nutrition, Wellness

The grocery store, one place that provides thousands of fun and tasty options, but beware! Check the nutrition content because looks can be deceiving. We'll uncover the facts that come with processed foods, right here, from CHI Health.

"Healthy" Frozen Meals, Might Not Be So Healthy

The frozen food aisle, oh the possibilities! Healthy frozen meals are low in calories, fat, and look great... But freeze! Before you microwave that meal, look at the calorie, sodium, and sugar content. Under 400 calories will not fill you up and low fat typically equates to higher levels of sugar and sodium-which your body just turns to fat anyway. That won't fill you up and you'll likely end up snacking on other unhealthy foods. That so-called "healthy selection" just became a gateway food.

Soups Can Contain High Amounts of Sodium

The soup aisle, classic and wholesome, right?! Again, check the label - the average recommended amount of sodium is under 2,300 mg a day. Most soups have over 70% of your daily recommended amount of sodium. High sodium intake increases your blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease. Yikes! Now I'm thirsty just thinking about it, where's the drink aisle?

Artificial Sweeteners Can be Just as Damaging as Sugar

Did you know, the artificial sweeteners in diet soda have the same effect on your body as sugar does, which causes fat storage. Studies show, that over the course of a decade, diet soda drinkers had a 70% greater increase in their waistline compared to non drinkers and a 500% increase drinking two or more a day.

Those are just a few of the truths locked away within in processed foods. Always check the nutritional facts for sugar, salt, and fat.

Shu-Ming Wang, MD
Shu-Ming Wang, MD

Dr. Shu-Ming Wang is a Direct Primary Care, Family Medicine provider with CHI Health. To learn more about Dr. Wang, please visit her provider profile.

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