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Put On Your Shopping Shoes

November 12, 2010
CHI Health


Put On Your Shopping Shoes

No. I’m not talking about Black Friday (or any of the pre-Black Friday deals). I’m talking about shopping – for a doctor.


If you’re in the market for a new doctor, but don’t know where to start or stressed that you need to get your kids in for a check-up, but can’t seem to find one that you (and your kids) like – then listen up.

Dr. Misty Janssen, MD a family doctor with CHI Health Clinic at Maple Hills understands your pain. That’s why she offered to set up shop at our first “Shop for a Doc” event at Village Pointe earlier this year. The event had a very relaxed and non-medical environment, so people were very much at ease and eager to ask questions of Dr. Janssen.

Because if you think about it, it’s really quite rare for you, as a patient, to actually sit down and talk to your doctor outside of the office or clinic-setting!

But it’s just those types of interactions that can prove priceless when it comes to choosing the right doctor. We’ve all had the experience before – you walk into an exam room, talk to the doctor for about five minutes and realize that it just isn’t someone that you can really feel comfortable confiding in, asking questions of and, ultimately, trusting with your health.

But when that happens, what do you do? Do you immediately start the search for a new doctor? Do you suck it up and just stick with him or her, just because? Neither option makes any sense.

That’s why meeting in a relaxed setting is becoming a hot new trend in health care. These types of events supplement online searches, phone calls to friends and queries to physician referral lines – to help you find a doctor that is actually a good fit for you and for your family.

Insurance matters – Whether you’re insured through your employer or your spouse, call your health insurance company to confirm the type of plan that you have. If it’s an open plan, you may pick any doctor you like. If you have a managed plan, it will only allow you to choose a doctor in your preferred network. If you choose an out-of-network doctor, it could end up costing you more in the long run.

Know What You Want – Decide what type of doctor you want. Primary care or specialist? Male or female? Age? Ask about a doctor’s location in town, the hours he or she is available and any special areas of interest. Maybe you’ll find someone interested in alternative medicine that can provide new approaches to any number of chronic diseases.

Do the Research – The easiest way to learn about your doctor’s medical school or board certification is to visit his or her website or call a physician referral number. If the doctor does not have a website, you may be able to get this information by doing a simple web search.

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