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Simply the Best!

December 7, 2012

Simply the Best!

From: Lori B.

I’m a 55 yr old female and had nasal polyp removal surgery on Nov 19, 2012. I was so worried and stressed about it because I checked out youtube videos regarding the surgery and recovery time and also read many post from people on various medical sites to see how they faired (not a good idea) really had me freaked out! Well I am here to tell you that ALL my fears were unfounded! I had the best ENT Doctor ever: Dr. Adam Pleas from CHI Health Clinic Ear, Nose & Throat at Lakeside. I came out of surgery with no side affects at all, I was able to breath thru my nose right away in the recovery room, no bleeding, no swelling, no brusing, and NO pain. I kid you not, I think I could of drove myself home after the surgery. I did not have to take any pain pills after the surgery! I post this because if you are worried about nasal polyp surgery, don’t be, especially if you have Dr. Pleas and his staff taking care of you! Simply the best!

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