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Summer: Fun Activity Ideas

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer for most of us. It’s the kickoff time away from school, maybe a vacation plan or two with family and friends, cooking out, swimming, baseball – all sorts of activities and outdoor fun. Often, during this time of year, providers with CHI Health are talking with our patients about their summertime plans. Here are a few of the things patients have been telling us they are planning on doing this summer:

  • Going to the zoo.
  • Playing sports – organized and not-so-organized
  • Riding bikes
  • Swimming
  • Day Camp
  • A day trip to a nearby town or city
  • Going for walks.
  • Playing tag or hide-n-seek
  • Visiting the library
  • Singing songs around a campfire
  • Learning a new dance
  • Writing stories together
  • Drawing or coloring in a coloring book.
  • Learning to sew
  • Taking a class – a fun one.
  • Boating

As you can see, there are a lot of activities that our patients and their families are participating in. One patient told me about ABC Scrapbooking. This involves taking the summer to create a scrapbook of memories involving every letter of the alphabet. The zoo seems like it’s a sure thing for the scrapbook!

And, you’ll notice that some of the activities are outdoors and some are indoors. It’s probably a good idea to have a Plan B for rainy days – which we have had a few of lately here in the Omaha area.

I would like to hear what you and your family are planning to do this summer. Your ideas for family fun and relaxation may inspire other readers and their families. So feel free to share your plans with us!

Karen Williams, LIMHP
Karen Williams, LIMHP

Karen Williams, LIMHP is a Mental Health provider at CHI Health.

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