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Thank You Alegent Health at Home

November 29, 2011
CHI Health


Thank You Alegent Health at Home

I cannot tell you how much I am impressed with Alegent Health. I must tell you how my whole world changed after receiving a delivery from your medical equipment staff.

Your driver was delivering a toilet commode for my husband because he just had hip replacement surgery. He was patiently waiting for me to get off the phone so I could sign a paper.

Well, I happened to be having a big meltdown on the telephone because my grandma was practically being thrown out on the street. She did not  “earn” her 100 days of rehab from Medicare that her insurance company told me she had.

According to a representative for a care center, “It doesnt matter what kind of insurance you have, you have to earn your days at the care center.” (Her exact words.)

Anyways, your delivery man calmed me down. I was pretty much giving up. He explained to me that it doesnt have to be this hard. (In my mind I was thinking, “Ha, you have no idea.”)

He explained to me that there a profit and non-profit agencies. He said I was going about this in the wrong direction. He gave me the number for Alegent Home Health and Hospice.

I tell you what those people really cared. They moved fast. At 4:45 on a Friday they got ahold of Grandma’s doctor (that’s a miracle), and got an okay that she needed hospice. The very next day (on a Saturday), they were at assisted living doing an assessment. On Sunday she was moved into the most beautiful, amazing place, Josie Harper Hospice House.

I am so impressed. That delivery man and all the people involved really changed our lives. I had given up. I was convinced society treats animals better than old people, but not at Alegent Health.

Thank you all for everything, especially my delivery man and Joanne at Hospice House. I believe there is a special place in heaven for caring people like you.


Beth Roth

The care center kept telling me I didnt know what I was talking about with Grandma’s insurance. Funny thing, we are getting a $1000 refund check. “

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