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Thank You to the Hospice Staff

December 14, 2011
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Thank You to the Hospice Staff

Thank you to the Hospice staff at Alegent that helped my family during my mother’s passing

There are not enough words to say thank you to the Hospice staff at Alegent that helped my family during my mother’s passing.  We will be forever grateful for all they did to make her comfortable at home and always being there for us. They made this journey with our mom’s passing so much easier for our family and the comfort and care they gave was so awesome – they are truly special people and we will never forget them!

A special thanks to two nurses, Susan who was there for the final weeks with us every day giving us support and helping us care for my mother.  Susan is such an amazing person. Mary was another nurse who took care of mom, she was there when my mom passed – it was truly a blessing for all of us that she was there. We love Susan and Marry and are thankful for all they did for our family! 

Again, we could not have done what we did without them helping us through our journey to keep our mother’s wish to be at home until the end. 

Also, their hugs were phenomenal – every time they came to the house they hugged each and every one of us and again when they left the house – both Susan and Mary. There are 10 siblings in my family and my dad – so that is lots of hugs and most of the time, during  those final days we were all there to receive their hugs.  

Mary was great and stayed until the end and hugged us all many times and waited until they took mom away – she was awesome that day, talking to our mom with us and helping all of us get through our mom’s final breath – it was such a blessing to have her there with us at the end and the comfort she gave us will always be with us forever!

Another blessing was at the funeral when we saw Susan at the church – it touched us all in a way we will never ever forget. I cried so hard when I saw her there, it meant the world to me.  She hugged us again and also joined the procession to the cemetery with more hugs and shared tears with all of us and even took a rose from my mom’s coffin – that was truly special for her to be there for our family again and share what we were going through.  We always knew that she truly cared for our family and to have her share our journey was so special – it takes a very special person to do what she did for those final two weeks and she truly is special – God Bless her for caring so much for our family!  

We were all so appreciative of their heartfelt concern for our mother, the dignity and respect they showed our mom as well as our entire family through our entire journey.

 – The Robert Christian Family (Ann M Christian)

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