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The “Ta-ta Sisterhood”

October 20, 2011
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The “Ta-ta Sisterhood”

Our “Ta-Ta Sisterhood” is a group of 10 wonderful women who made the trek in October together, to have their annual mammograms at Mercy Hospital’s Mammogram Suite. Our group “leader” Jannine thought of the idea 2 years ago when she invited 4 of us to join her. She gathered our information and made the appointments so that we would could be seen one after the other.

We all know that going to get your mammogram isn’t something you necessarily look forward to, so her idea of making it a fun “girls’ day out” made it sound a little more appealing! Last year’s outing was so fun, that our original group of 5 doubled in size to 10 women this year, ranging in age from 40 to 70!  To make our group “official” we came up with the name and slogan for our pink tshirts: “Ta-Ta Sisterhood…Big or Small, Save “em All.”

We filled two vans and left Tabor, Iowa around 11 a.m., arriving at Mercy around 12:15 p.m. to check-in. Right away, Jodi at the registration desk lit up when she saw the pink “Ta-Ta Sisterhood” arrive in full force! She seemed thrilled to greet us and check us in timely. When we reached the Mammography Suite, we shuffled in and out of the dressing rooms to don our hospital gowns and wait for our turn to “get squeezed.”  And although we had to wait for 10 mammograms to be completed, the waiting was the fun part…there in the suite we shared stories, jokes, snacks, and roars of laughter!

As each friend finished their own mammogram, they were greeted with a tunnel of “high-5’s” and applause by the “Sisterhood.” And the two women who worked with us in the mammogram suite were absolutely delightful…Teri and Jill made the experience for all of us enjoyable and comfortable, displaying fun attitudes and professionalism. And by the way, we were all finished ahead of scheduled and out of there by 3:30 p.m. …way to go Jodi, Teri & Jill!

**Oh, and about the rubber chicken in the picture….we all belong to another “club” called Sugar Clay Winery’s “Wine Wenches Club” and she’s “Henrietta” our wine wenches mascot. She accompanied us again this year for her annual mammogram! We even have a picture of her getting a mammogram!

The “Ta-Ta Sisterhood” continued to make a day and night out of the experience, joining together for a late lunch and drinks at Barley’s in Council Bluffs, and then on to our final destination…our friend’s house in the country for a bonfire party and sleepover! We’re already planning for next year and we want to thank our fellow “sisters” at Mercy Hospital for treating us like queens for the day!

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  1. Lori Black

    Had the best day ever!! Thanks Ta Ta Sisterhood! I'm so glad to be a new member and can't wait til next year!

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