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This Only Happens in the Movies…

May 13, 2011
CHI Health


This Only Happens in the Movies…

I remember searching for ‘the perfect doctor’ when I first found out my husband and I were expecting. I had heard so many good things about Alegent that I decided to start there. I didn’t end up looking any further. I loved that I could see a photo of the doctors and they had introduction videos about them. I watched Dr. Erin Evans’ video and immediately felt a connection. She talked about how she made each person feel comfortable and gave care specifically designed for them. I made my appointment thinking, “if I don’t like her in person, I can always switch.”

My husband and I went to the first appointment and we never looked back. I had never felt more comfortable with a doctor – and we had just met. She was amazing throughout my entire pregnancy, even the evening I went into labor. It was Friday, July 2, and she wasn’t on call for the weekend as of midnight. (I knew this because I had a regular prenatal appointment the day before.) I arrived at CHI Health Lakeside about 7:00 p.m., she was informed I was in labor and then updated as the night went on. As midnight drew closer, I just knew I was going to have the on-call doctor instead.  Little did I know, Dr. Evans had told the nurses to call her when it was time and she would come in.  Around 2:00 a.m., much to my surprise, she arrived to deliver my beautiful baby girl. I couldn’t have asked for better care! She went through my entire pregnancy with me, and still came to the hospital when she could have stayed home and let the on-call doctor handle everything.

My amazing care didn’t stop there.  My daughter has quite the story to her birth…the day after she was born, my husband was admitted to ICU at Lakeside with Diabetic Ketoacidosis.  The nurses were so comforting during the whirlwind of emotions I was having.  Kelly was great – she took me to the ER where he first was, she wheeled me to his room in ICU when he was admitted, she watched my daughter for me so I could be with my husband.

Dr. Evans is an amazing doctor and Lakeside was a great hospital. I recommend Alegent Health and Dr. Evans every chance I get.

I am so thankful that CHI Health posted the videos – if I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to view doctors before I chose someone to take care of my baby and me during my pregnancy, I may have gone elsewhere.

Thank you CHI Health, Dr. Evans, and the wonderful nurses at Women’s Health Specialists, Labor & Delivery, and on the Maternity floor.  You all made my ‘only in the movies’ type of experience much easier!

Andrea Newman

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