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TRUE OR FALSE: All hospitals have intensive care units (ICUs)?

March 15, 2010
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TRUE OR FALSE: All hospitals have intensive care units (ICUs)?

FALSE. And for those of you expecting or planning to have a baby, you may want to make sure your hospital has one.

As a parents-to-be, it’s natural to focus all of your energy on your future child and his or her needs – like whether or not the hospital where you plan to deliver has a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), just in case your baby needs the extra care.

But what if something goes wrong with YOU before or after delivery?? Although it seems logical for all hospitals to offer intensive care units (ICUs) for adults – it isn’t a requirement.

So … what if mom suffers a stroke because her blood pressure climbs too high – and it’s too quick for doctors to stop it? Sure, it’s a long shot – but long shots CAN and DO happen. And, when they do, don’t you want to know you’re in a hospital that can not only care for your newborn child, but also for you and the rest of your family?

Take the Neumann family, for example. They’re lucky mom, Marsha, landed at CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center – Bergan Mercy. Thankfully our full-service hospital had everything it needed to care for the Neumann’s premature baby – as well as mom – when things took a turn for the worst.

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