Understanding Probiotics

May 5, 2015

Understanding Probiotics

You can find them in yogurt and chocolate. There are ads everywhere touting the benefits of probiotics but what do you really know about them? Are they good for you? Who should take them? Dr. Bob Kizer, Gastroenterologist with CHI Health, answers those questions and more.

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    Harper Nguyen

    Hi, My grandmother is 95 year old. She is recovering from a surgery last year. Does she need probiotic everyday? She doesn't like yoghurt, so rarely she takes it. She also doesn't eat veggies or fruits in her menu. Thank you very much. Best regards, Harper

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    Robert T. Kizer, MD

    Harper, At this point, I don’t think we in the medical community have enough good studies to say that she “needs” a probiotic. There isn’t good evidence that the current probiotics on the market would help with her surgical recovery, or her health in general. Again, I am confident that – in the next 5-10 years – we will have good science that will help us determine when and how to use probiotics. Right now, I can’t say that I have any strong reason to believe that a probiotic will help or hurt your grandmother. If she wants to take probiotics, I have no problem with that. But I suspect that, like most 95 year-olds I know, she probably already has enough other medications to take. No need to make her take one more. I hope this helps. As always, be sure to discuss the specifics with her primary care provider. Bob

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