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Understanding Gluten and Celiac Disease

September 9, 2014

Understanding Gluten and Celiac Disease

Is a gluten-free diet healthier?  What is Celiac Disease? What’s the difference between a food allergy and food intolerance? Dietitian Kristyn Lassek,  RD, LD, LMNT, of CHI Health Food and Nutrition Services answers these questions and more in this quick 2-minute video.


    The thing that bothers me the most about these type of infos is that they are all short sighted and kept pitifully inadequate. Very few seem to take into account the genetic modification that has been done to wheat and the resultant product gets little or no in depth inspection to verify that our bodies can deal with a plant that no longer resembles the original organism that humans have been consuming for thousands of years or that now is able to exist in heavily herbicide fields or the increase in toxicity that is brought about because the plants must bring the poisons up into their structures. This is how we do things in America. All that matters is profits and not the long term degradation of our total environment.

  2. Amy

    Your information is not accurate. A gluten intolerance is absolutely harmful to the body. It is actually poison to the entire system that get progressively more severe the longer the body is exposed to gliadin. It eventually results in malnutrion due to the way it prevents the body from absorbing nutrients which leads to many horrible diseases and cancers. It is not your typical food intolerance.

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