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What are Concerns for Moms Whose Babies are in the NICU?

December 5, 2018

What are Concerns for Moms Whose Babies are in the NICU?

Moms with babies in the NICU are at an increased risk for several different thing including: postpartum depression, anxiety, and PTSD. So not only do these mothers have a sick baby, but it is likely that they’ve gone through a traumatic birth experience and up to 15% of women who have babies in the NICU need diagnostic criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder.

It’s important, if a woman feels like she’s suffering from any of these problems, that she be evaluated by a professional as soon as possible.

It’s been proven that maternal mental health has an impact on infant bonding, maternal confidence, and Infant development.

Anne has been a registered nurse since 2009 working in a variety of settings including psychiatry, pediatrics, and internal medicine. She graduated in 2017 with her masters in nursing from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Ann sees patients of all ages and conditions and specializes in perinatal (before, during and after pregnancy) psychiatry as well as women’s health psychiatry.

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