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Make the Most of What’s Left of Summer

July 23, 2015

Make the Most of What’s Left of Summer

If Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff of summer, July 4th is sort of the unofficial mid-point of summer. The Fourth of July has come and gone, which makes it feel like summer is flying by. Hours, days and weeks have been spent swimming, picnicking, grilling and playing (or watching) softball games. So, how do we take what’s left of summer and make the most of it with our kids and our families?

As we all know, work schedules don’t change for most of us just because it’s summer. There’s also the family budget to consider. Whether you are a family that can afford to hit the road in the remaining summer or you are a family who needs to manage a fairly tight time and financial budget, there are still ways to enjoy the remaining weeks of summer.

Here are a few ideas for kids and families:

Good weather, outdoor fun …

  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Jump rope
  • Hide n’ seek
  • Going to the zoo!
  • Piling in the car and buying an ice cream or frozen yogurt treat
  • Cooking hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill
  • Enjoying juicy slices of watermelon in the backyard
  • Fishing at the lake

Rainy day, indoor fun …

  • Baking cookies
  • Turn on the music and dance and sing to your favorite tunes
  • Make popcorn and enjoy a movie
  • Play dress up  – maybe as a favorite superhero
  • Drawing at the dining room table with lots of crayons and colorful construction paper
  • Read
  • Write your own short story and read it out loud to family members

Clearly, families and kids have to consider their own resources – time and money – with both indoor and outdoor fun. Something that I intentionally left out of either indoor or outdoor fun is using a computer, cell phone, or tablet. Technology is wonderful, but finding time to run, play, swim and just be a kid is wonderful too. And, it can be fun for grownups and kids, alike.

Make the most of your summer!

Originally Published: July, 2015. Updated: June, 2022.

  1. Kay Dye

    I love that none of the suggestions include sitting in front of a computer or game box!! Go outside and smell the fresh air!

  2. Donna Miller

    Great ideas. I see a couple that I can use this weekend!

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